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Wenta partner with the ERC to publish research report on the net zero journey of small businesses

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Wenta have partnered with the Enterprise Research Centre (ERC) to produce a research paper on Wenta's experience of guiding small businesses on their net zero journey.  

Having launched our new, revolutionary Action Zero service last year in July 2022, the ERC has followed the journeys of business owners that Wenta has been supporting over the past year.

Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are under growing pressure to act on cutting emissions and helping the UK to move towards achieving the net zero target. Since launching Action Zero, Wenta has been putting small businesses at the forefront of tackling climate change by helping them on their net zero journey, whether that's taking those first steps into understanding what it all means or producing greener products and services.

According to research from the SME Climate Hub, the top reasons SMEs aren’t taking climate action are:

• They don’t have the right skills
• Lack of funds
• There are other more important priorities
• Lack of time
• Customers are not asking for it

Wenta clients are bucking this trend, click here to read how Hannah Austin from Undo Candles was inspired by Wenta's Action Zero carbon literacy training. For 1-2-1 support on tackling your net zero journey, call us on 01438 310020.

This report presents the first findings from the ERC and Wenta collaboration. 

See below to read the full report.

Download the report here


Jennifer Condon

Director of Client Services and Engagement

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