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Social enterprise, Wenta, launch new, revolutionary, affordable Net Zero service to help small businesses tackle climate change

Social enterprise, Wenta, have launched a brand new, revolutionary, affordable Net Zero service, 'Action Zero', which puts small businesses at the forefront of tackling climate change. 

Action Zero launched on Monday 18th July 2022 and is led by Wenta's Head of Net Zero, Martyn Poessinouw, who has over 25 years of expertise in climate change research. The service is delivered in-house by Wenta's team of expert advisors in business support and Net Zero. Combined, the digital service is available to any business owner that wants to learn more about climate change, start their net zero journey for their business and/or get accredited. 
How can it help small businesses? 
Whilst there is a lot of talk out there about big businesses and their carbon footprint reduction plans, very little is out there for small business owners, one-man/woman bands, to reduce theirs. 

Action Zero is here for every type of small business owner. It's affordable (there's even a free option), it's simple and it's full of benefits on a sustainability, commercial and social level. 

  • Get more customers 
  • Access more supply chains and tenders
  • Save money 
  • Access green opportunities 
  • Improve brand reputation and ‘green marketing’ credentials 
  • Attract and retain staff team 
  • Gain competitive advantage 
  • Futureproof your business against climate risk 
  • Get accredited and improve business relationships 
  • Reduce consumption, emissions and waste 
  • Access materials for your staff team 

The service is practical, simple and affordable. Prices start from Free (Bronze) to just £11.99 p/m ex VAT (Gold+).

Wenta have joined the UK's SME Climate Commitment and the 'Race to Zero' campaign to become a Net Zero company by 2050 or sooner. Commenting on the launch of Action Zero, Ed Jordan, Wenta CEO said:

"In line with this Commitment, we are developing our Net Zero strategy and will start to report our annual progress against our carbon reduction targets in 2022. We are fully training all our workforce to become advocates for Net Zero across our business and local communities. We will seek best practice in our response to Net Zero and will actively share this with our tenants and client across all our services. We aspire to become part of the solution to Climate Change and want our current and future clients to be part of that solution too.”

To subscribe to Action Zero or find out more click here. 

For partnership enquiries, please contact [email protected] 

Jennifer Condon

Director of Client Services and Engagement

Affordable net zero? It's here. Greener future, here you come.

Everyone is talking about Net Zero. Literally. Everyone. But what does it mean for people like you, running their own business?

Time for 'Action Zero' - Wenta's new, Net Zero service that puts small businesses like yours at the forefront of tackling Climate Change and producing greener products and services. There's a whole range of benefits to unlock when you reduce the carbon footprint of your business.

Action Zero helps you:

Get accredited.
Get access to green grants.
Get more customers.

Our service is designed by our own experts in climate change and small business support. It's delivered by our experienced advisors and it’s practical, simple and affordable.   

Action Zero. Why would you not?

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