Socially enterprising since 1983

Socially enterprising since 1983.

We're not-for-profit. We're for making-you-a-profit.

Socially enterprising since 1983.

Every day we help businesses to start-up, grow and thrive. We exist to make things simpler and easier for anyone wanting to run their own business.

We're a social enterprise, and as such, we're independent thinkers for independent business owners. We're committed to helping you and your business, first and foremost, in everything we do.

Annual Review 22-23

As the world recovered from the 2019-2020 pandemic, Wenta continued to deliver increased support to businesses all over the UK in 2022-2023.

Take a look at our latest annual reviews to find out more about Wenta's impact on business owners across England. 


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Our Annual Reviews

Proudly helping to support businesses year, after year...

“Wenta has made a substantial contribution to the well-being of start-up and early stage business in East Herts. They have also acted as a first port of call in helping to plan future services for businesses in this area.”

Paul Pullin, East Herts District Council

“Wenta, it's somewhere you can escape for an hour, think about and talk about your business with a professional who knows what a small business needs to succeed!”

Charlotte Freeston-Clough, Hoot! Toys

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