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Wenta 2021-2022 Annual Review

In the year following the 2019-2020 pandemic, Wenta’s services saw increasing demand from all over the UK, from businesses looking to recover, rebuild and grow. 


Wenta Annual Review UK Coverage Map 2022


Supporting new businesses in the midst of the pandemic, Wenta “offered the flexibility, support and patience that we were looking for while taking on the daunting task of getting an office space during COVID-19”, Seb Alfonso, S A Drones see page 11. 


Rebuild and reimagine. 

Emerging from the impacts of COVID-19, Wenta has continued to support clients of all shapes and sizes, whilst developing and launching our new for Strategy 2022-2027: 

Reach. Impact. Growth. 

With key growth areas identified, Wenta has already launched ‘Action Zero’ – revolutionising the way Wenta and small businesses can tackle the Net Zero Challenge.  

Wenta Net Zero Subscription Badges

Read more on Wenta’s support over the past year, and the new strategy for 2022-2027, in the 2020-2021 Annual review, below. 


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