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Undo believe the health of our planet depends on how quickly societies can adapt and change ways of living and working; for a net zero future.   Our aim is to create exceptional fragrances for the home, made with carefully selected ingredients that have the lowest carbon footprint possible.

Speaking to Hannah Austin from Undo Candles:

Our mission is to not only provide carbon neutral candles, but inspire other brands to adopt more effective decarbonisation practices, so we as an industry can restore balance to the ecosystems we continue to take from. 

I started making candles as a passion project while on maternity leave many years ago. It was only when I started learning more about climate change and the impact of everything we consume, that I knew I could bring something different to the home fragrance industry with a wellness brand that maintains the value of self-care while not compromising on environmental health. 

I wanted to create a range of low carbon fragrances, with scents so immersive they could transport your mind to the different outdoor locations, I needed a perfumer to develop and design them from scratch because they didn’t exist. This was an expensive and time-consuming job and I contacted Wenta for support. They guided me through the process of applying for a match funding grant. The help from Wenta was so much more than financial, through training and mentoring I built my capabilities in strategic planning and business acumen.

Wenta’s carbon literacy training has been hugely inspiring for me. All the learning is through the lens of what climate action means for a small micro venture, this is what makes the training unique. It has had a huge impact on Undo because I now have a framework I can work with to continue reducing my footprint. 


Hannah Austin
Hannah Austin


The entire subject of carbon reduction can become overwhelming very quickly. The landscape is vast and there is a lot of work to do. Wenta's Action Zero makes the process manageable by breaking it down and showing how to take that first step with confidence.


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