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Delivering Net Zero in Luton

Wenta are excited to be partnering with Luton Borough Council in delivering their Net Zero programme.

To give an understanding of the benefits of sustainability and address Luton’s target to be a Net Zero town by 2040, our experienced advisors will support businesses to reduce environmental impact through online learning, via interactive workshops and webinars.

These businesses can be of any size but must be based in the borough of Luton.

Through online training and support, businesses can access free tools to:

  • analyse their carbon footprint
  • improve environmental performance
  • control environmental risks
  • generate savings for their business
  • compare carbon footprint, benchmark in their sector
  • reduce carbon emissions in their workplace

There will also be 4 one-hour webinars, including, Reducing Carbon Emissions in Your Workplace with a specialist consultant, for businesses who have undertaken training and used an online carbon footprint calculator, to gain a greater understanding of next steps for their business.

Other webinars include advanced guidance for B Corps:  Measuring your company’s social and environmental impact, for businesses working towards B Corp accreditation.

Support will also be provided towards applications for grant funding in support of investment in carbon reducing solutions.

Other activities towards achieving Net Zero by 2040 for Luton Borough Council include a travel plan - enquiries regarding this and other climate change questions can be made to

For more information on how Wenta can support businesses in Luton in achieving their Net Zero plans, please email

Full information on all Luton ARG programmes is available here: Climate change ( For questions on economic growth please email



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