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Get Enterprising Client Story: HKR Gifts

Wenta spoke with entrepreneurs, Holly and James of HKR Gifts. They create handmade and homemade gifts. Designs and creates unique, sustainable handmade gifts (wax melts/candles etc.).

James describes their company simply: 

"We bring joy to people without breaking the bank.

Talking about their business, which was born out of lockdown, they said:

"What started as a way to keep busy, we started to create small items for family and friends, and a side hustle was born. We discovered we wanted to create affordable, meaningful gifts for all budgets. 

"We joined Get Enterprising to learn how to improve our business, as well as to inspire other small businesses.

"We have received support in regards to Marketing, SEO and Tax Returns - we’ve attended several training courses. In particular the ones around finance were useful because you just aren’t taught things like tax returns and bookkeeping at school! The advisors have supported us so much with so many aspects of our business and has helped us get to the next level. 

"We have gained confidence to reach out to other small businesses and develop our networking skills. It’s so important to support the small business community. Sharing stories could help someone else starting out, or we could learn from their experience. We try to give back as much as we can – sometimes I can help a business that’s just starting out with a flyer design on Canva, for example. What goes around, comes around, so its’ our duty to look after each other. We want to get a market stall and sell face to face as well as selling our products on Etsy and Folksy worldwide.

Explaining the header image, James says:

"The most exciting thing to happen to us so far us winning the small business award from Dragons' Den's Theo Paphitis On Friday 23rd February 2024. We attended a Small Business event at the Birmingham ICC to receive our winners certificate and had a photo with the Chairman of Ryman and Robert Dyas and Dragons Den Theo Paphitis. 

Small business champion and Ryman Stationery, Robert Dyas and Boux Avenue Chairman, Theo Paphitis said: 

"We are thrilled to welcome HKR Gifts to our #SBS family and to support small businesses here in the UK.

Wenta asked Holly and James, what they would say to encourage and support new entrepreneurs:

"Balance is important. In addition to our day jobs, and this, our online business, we both keep fit and stay active, and have other interests and hobbies. Having an outlet for any stress is key!

"Networking is very important. Giving back to the community, being kind, being positive. You can meet so much negativity, you need to learn not to take this personally. Take the negative feedback as an opportunity to learn. OK that person didn’t like my post. How could I have written it differently to make a better impact? If you can improve something, great. If not, don’t take it to heart, don’t take it personally and learn.
- Take your time and don't put too much pressure on yourself, growth takes time
- Don't do half a job, make sure you do the job properly, even if it means it takes longer
- Support other small businesses and they will support you too
- Don't be too hard on yourself, you will get there!

If Holly and James' story inspired you, why don't you Get Enterprising?


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