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Wenta spoke to Grace Galal who has enjoyed taking part in the free programme from the Hertfordshire LEP, delivered by Wenta, Get Enterprising.

"My journey to start a domiciliary care business was inspired by personal experiences and a desire to make a difference. When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, we found it challenging to find carers who could cater to her specific needs, particularly when it came to preparing her traditional meals. This personal experience opened my eyes to the need for more personalised, culturally sensitive care in the industry.  Around the same time, I was blessed with a new baby and was looking for a job that would allow me the flexibility to balance my professional commitments with my responsibilities as a new parent. Starting my own business seemed like the perfect solution.

"Reaching out to Wenta for business advice and support was a decision driven by their reputation for providing comprehensive and tailored business support. As a new entrepreneur, I was seeking guidance from experienced professionals who could help navigate the challenges of starting a business.

"Through the Get Enterprising programme, I received invaluable support from Wenta. This included one-to-one business advice, training workshops, and networking opportunities. The programme provided me with the tools and knowledge needed to successfully launch and manage my business.

"The support has been instrumental in the growth and success of my business. Their advice helped me refine my business plan, understand my target market, and develop effective marketing strategies. Furthermore, the networking opportunities allowed me to connect with other entrepreneurs and industry professionals, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.

"Overall, the support has not only helped my business grow but also boosted my confidence as an entrepreneur. I am now better equipped to face the challenges that come my way and seize the opportunities that arise.

"In the long-term, I envision expanding our services to include care homes. This would allow us to provide comprehensive care to a larger demographic and create a nurturing environment for those who may not be able to live independently."


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