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Got a side-hustle that you'd like to grow?

Wenta support all kinds of businesses. Today, we spoke to Sophie Dean who kindly shared her experiences with us:

"I was an actor and found voiceover originally as a 'side hustle' to keep working creatively when acting work was sparse. I reached out to Wenta because they offered a wealth of free training resources!

"The business advisors are great - they really know their stuff - the coaching I had was invaluable. I learned techniques that I apply every day, and as a result, my yearly turnover has increased since having the coaching, and I have more repeat clients.

"In addition to the business advice support, I also received a match-funded grant that I used towards voiceover coaching. I had support with the application, although it wasn't too tricky, there were some things I didn't know, like how to fill out the business plan but I got full support with that. 

"I plan to keep growing my business, along with my repeat client base to hopefully earn enough to go full time.


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