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An Introduction to Business Modelling: Webinar

An Introduction to Business Modelling hosted by Stewart Smith from Natwest Group

About this event

Wenta are delighted to be partnering with Natwest Group, offering An Introduction to Business Modelling via a live webinar

Before the days of Google Maps and Sat-Nav systems, we had the fold-out Michellin. If you were lost on the road, you pulled over, opened the map, found where you started and found where your desired destination. By having your entire journey in one view, it allows you to understand where you are, where you need to go and where you may have taken a wrong turn. This view is crucial when developing a new business.

Join this session as we explore the Business Model Canvas, a one-page ‘road map’ of your business. Examining the 9 key areas of a business model to examine the best practises for your business, you’ll come away with a sense of where small, medium and large changes could be made to your business model to improve the way you operate for maximum profitability and rapid growth.


  • We will look at what is a Business Model
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Break Even Points
  • Finding the Sweet Spot’
  • Q&A

Hosted by

Stewart Smith, Local Enterprise Manager, North London


Stewart is the local enterprise manager for North London. He works with others organisations such as Wenta Enfield to make sure local businesses thrive. In practical terms this involves helping them to grow through learning, networking and securing funding.

Stewart’s main aim is to support and deliver local events and to assist business development through his customer contacts and professional referrals.


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