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Using PR in 2023 as FREE advertising for your small business - Journolink Partnership article

Using PR ‘Journohooks’ in 2023 as free advertising for your business

The smart PR word for 2023 is ‘Journohooks’.

Anticipating what articles journalists will be writing, and when, puts you in a great position to get your business included in their columns and benefit from the sales growth that comes from them giving you the free ‘advertising’.

Distribute your news through Wenta PR. One of the best ways to profile your business.

And as a kickstarter as Spring arrives at last, there’s 25% off all PR costs during March.

So here are the top five topics you can ‘journohook’ with in 2023:

Levelling Up

One for the regional journalists always keen to promote their locality.

Any news or initiative that helps them will be snapped up. Use the words ‘levelling up’ in the headline.

Royal Connections

With the coronation coming up in May, and a royal baby due in the summer, anything ‘royal’ from celebrations to souvenirs will be of interest.


England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland…..if the politicians decisions affect your business shout about it.


Big events going on this year… can you advise on diet and fitness routines. Or anything linked to the specific events.

National Days

Every day celebrates something. And there are always journalists looking for your input. Put the event in the headline and you’ll be certain of hooking someone writing about it.

Use Wenta PR to distribute your business’s news through the Journolink hub. This platform helps you to write and distribute press releases, while offering a number of useful resources to improve your PR activity.

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