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How to make a press release work for you... Five top tips from Journolink

You’ve got some news. You’ve drafted out a press release and distributed it. Now… how do you make the most of the interest you’ve created with journalists?

Here are five top tips:

  • Track when you are getting most engagement… that’s the day and the time you should send out your next release. The tracking is done for you through our partnership with JournoLink. All you need to do is monitor it.
  • Build a relationship with the journalists who are showing an interest in you. Here’s how to work out which ones:
  • Set up Google Alerts for your own business and your target journalists. Let Google take the strain!
  • Keep your Media Room live. This is your window to the world, and automatically looked after for you through our JournoLink partnership.
  • Keep tracking engagement. Your brand is a moving feast. Only by keeping a close eye on people watching you, will you know how well you are doing.

Here’s more information on how to track your news release engagement, and check out how the Wenta PR partnership with JournoLink can work for you.

Use Wenta PR to distribute your business’s news through the Journolink hub. This platform helps you to write and distribute press releases, while offering a number of useful resources to improve your PR activity.

Access the JournoLink platform with your Wenta client referral, here: Journolink


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