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Patents step 3 - File with the IPO

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Your professional IP advisor prepares a patent application. If you choose not to use a professional IP advisor, you will need to prepare the application yourself – the Intellectual Property Office (IPO)  cannot prepare it for you.

The application should include: 

  • A written description of your invention: allowing others to see how it works and how it could be made 
  • Drawings: to illustrate your description 
  • Claims: precise legal statements in the form of single sentences that define your invention by setting out its distinctive technical features 
  • An abstract: a summary that includes all the important technical aspects of your invention 

Your professional  IP advisor will then fill in and file Form 1 ‘Request for grant of a patent’ with the IPO, together with one copy of your patent application. 

If you or anyone else applying are not the inventor, you will need to in another form ‘Statement of inventorship and of right to grant of a patent' to explain why you have the right to be granted a patent. 

It is possible to apply for a patent without using a professional representative, but it is not recommended. A patent specification is a legal document and requires specialist skills to draft properly. Your chances of obtaining a useful patent are significantly greater if you use an attorney. 

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Source: GOV.UK

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