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Don't be afraid of unsubscribers!

This article is short and to the point. It explains in simple terms why you should not be afraid of people unsubscribing from your database.

To help explain, I'm going to use an example.

If you had a friend but over time you had drifted apart or had outgrown one another, would you:

  • A: Continue to force the relationship hoping things would get better but making things worse (and actually you'd really rather not stay in touch anyway)
  • B: Have a big argument and tell them you didn't want to see them anymore
  • C: Politely reduce your contact with them and move on 

I hope the answer would be 'C'! 

So, why would the same rules not apply for your customer relationships?

If the services or products that your business offers are no longer of interest to someone, why would you want to waste time, effort and money to keep hold of them?

As a small business, you should focus on the acquisition of new customers and retention of your exiting engaged clients, (i.e they visit your site, they open your emails, they buy from you, etc). 

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