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6 Things Every Business Can Post on Social Media

So you have finally found time to set up your Twitter account or Facebook business page. But now you have the dilemma of what to say. It can seem daunting at first to think of things to post that your audience will find interesting.  We’ve put together these 6 tips to get you started whatever your business size or sector.

Here's a list of 6 top tips every business can post on social media: 

1. Testimonials and feedback

Sharing what others think of you and your business is a powerful tool for getting new business.

2. Local events and local area information

Champion your local community by sharing information on local businesses and events.

3. News about your industry

Follow your local trade association and share news and trends about your industry.

4. Seasonal Messages

Create some topical content relating to the time of year.  For example on Valentine’s Day post and share love themed quotes and images.

5. Quotes and humour

Post inspirational quotes or humorous pictures but be careful not to offend anyone!

6. Advice

Offer helpful advice and tips to help people think of you as an expert in your field.


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