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Wenta Launches 24-Hour Online Business Support

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The new AI digital chatbot service, OOHBot, provides instant, automated information and support services to anyone thinking of starting a business or requiring support for their SME, OOHBot is easily accessible via the Wenta website.

Wenta has provided a free Live Chat business advice service (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm) on for several years, but that’s not enough for this social enterprise! Taking this support to the next level for small businesses, Wenta has launched a new, out of hours AI digital chatbot service, OOHBot, which provides instant, automated business information to anyone thinking of starting a business or requiring support for their SME.

Start-ups and growing businesses can access OOHBot outside of usual office hours: Mon – Fri (5pm – 9am), as well 24-hours a day at weekends and during UK public bank holidays. As this service is additional to the existing Wenta live chat business advice platform, support is now available around the clock for anyone needing business advice and support.

OOHBot provides a wide range of resources, templates and guidance on starting and growing a business so is ideal for anyone that wants to explore the potential of running their own business whilst still in employment.

Wenta are working with a broad range of specialist partners to further develop and grow their Business Bookshelf content platform that was launched last year and which OOHBot uses as a primary databank.

Commenting on the launch, Jennifer Condon - Head of Digital, Communications and Marketing said:
“OOHBot is all about increasing accessibility and choice for anyone needing business advice. We know many people start a business when they are still in full-time employment. We also know that small business owners rarely have the time to seek advice within their usual hours of operation. With the addition of OOHBot we hope even more people will be able to access Wenta’s suite of free business advice and support services.”

Visit Wenta’s OOHBot at (Mon – Fri, 5pm – 9am), at weekends and on all UK public bank holidays.

Wenta’s instant, live chat business advice service is available from the website at all other times.

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