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Zero Bronze

Wenta's Zero Bronze subscription is free to registered users and includes materials and access to services that encourage engagement with Climate Change and the Net Zero agenda. Our content and support start to reduce the barriers to commitment or action.

Unlike other business support organisations, we do not believe that the benefits of Net Zero are self-evident and we do not believe that everyone is equally committed to combat client change. Our Bronze offer is designed to help you reach those conclusions for yourself, either by explaining the Climate issues, exposing you to different viewpoints or by introducing you to the opinions of other businesses who are starting their own Net Zero journey.

Why subscribe to Zero Bronze?

Zero Bronze gives you access to the following:

  • Exclusive webinars on Climate Change and Net Zero to explain what it's all about and how to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Downloadable materials
  • Access to our experienced business advisors via Live Chat to coach you through each step of your journey
  • Updates on national Net Zero guidance
  • Subscription to Wenta's Climate Change newsletter that will include content on Net Zero, the new Green Economy for small businesses and Wenta Net Zero services
  • Zero Bronze Certification Badge for your marketing use (showing the world, you're taking a positive step towards Net Zero!)
  • Introducing Zero Silver: Your next steps


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