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Monthly cost +VAT  £35 £10 £45  £40  £50  £55  £65  £85  £95  £120  £130
Deposit (one-off, refundable) Incl VAT  £84 £12 £108  £96 £120  £132 £156  £204 £228  £288 £312
Features Mailbox Registered Office Address Registered Office
and Mailbox
Mail & Meeting Registered Office
and Mail & Meeting


Mail Forwarding

Registered Office
and Mail Forwarding
Call Answering Registered Office
and Call Answering
Full Virtual Registered Office
and Full 
Registered Office with Signage
Professional Business Address
Collect post during Office hours
Post forwarded
Receipt of small parcels
Meeting room usage 5 hrs/pm  5 hrs/pm 10 hrs/pm  10
Call answering (in your company name)
Call forwarding

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