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Social Media Strategy with Google Digital Garage

Social Media Strategy with Google Digital Garage

About this event

Wenta are delighted to announce a new partner event with Google Digital Garage, offering Social Media Strategy via live training.

Learn how to create a social media strategy based on your business goals.

For small business owners and aspiring social media marketers who want to find out about how businesses use social media. Discover how social media can help your business grow, how to build a social media strategy, best practice, and how to measure success.

1. Starting social media platforms for businesses

2. Building social media strategy based on business goals

3. Defining a set of brand guidelines for a business on social media

About Google Digital Garage

We’re pleased to be partnering with Google Digital Garage to provide a free live webinar training. The Google Digital Garage provides free online and live webinar digital skills training to individuals and businesses in the UK to help people find a job, grow their skills, careers or businesses from home.

The Google Digital Garage is one of Google's flagship investment programmes in the UK, where anyone can come and learn free digital skills through a range of courses or 1:1 sessions.

With the Google Digital Garage webinar series, you can access free live training designed to help grow your business, jump-start your career or develop new skills - all from your own home. The live webinars are absolutely free to attend and open to everyone - delivered by expert Google Digital Garage trainers ready to help and support your learning, whatever your goals.


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