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Intellectual property (IP) theft is surprisingly common. If you haven't taken steps to protect your ideas, designs, trademarks and copyrighted material, there may be nothing you can do to prevent it. Here's how to make sure other people don't misuse your IP

All businesses, regardless of their size, have intellectual property (IP) and protecting it will add value to your organisation, provide it with a competitive edge and attract investors.

The process of protecting your IP can be complex but, it will ensure that the products that you create and develop remain your own.

What is IP?

There are different kinds of IP protection available, depending on the invention and the specific aspect of the invention that you would like to protect.

A patent protects a technical invention that is capable of industrial application, whereas a registered design protects the way that a product looks.

If you have a product that has both an innovative feature and a new look, you can file either for a patent or register a design. CIPA video explaining the difference between the two types of IP protection.

There are also other ways to protect your IP; filing for a trademark will protect your brand or logo and copyright protection is automatically applied to literary, artistic or musical works rather than ideas.

Protecting your product with a patent will allow you to take legal action against anyone who uses it without your permission. Therefore, having strong IP protection will deter others from using or manufacturing your product.

The majority of infringement cases get settled without having to go to court, so enforcing IP rights need not be time-consuming or costly.

Why use a Patent Attorney?

Patent Attorneys are IP professionals with specialist skills to understand your product as well as to file and prosecute patent applications.

Filing patent applications can be complex and expensive. However, most patent attorney firms offer a free first consultation and using a Patent Attorney will provide you with confidence in your application as well as a guarantee of quality in any granted patent.

CIPA video explaining the value of using a Patent Attorney to ensure the success of your business.

IP protection demonstrates that you own the exclusive rights to your product, driving up the value of your business.

IP protection can be leveraged to attract investors and if you choose to sell your product idea or business it can also attract buyers.

IP protection is an investment in your business that will provide a strong business foundation and provide you with a solid base for growth in the future.

Involving a Patent Attorney early in the process will ensure that you receive the best possible advice and may save you money in the long run.

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The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) is the professional and examining body for patent attorneys in the United Kingdom. The Institute was founded in 1882 and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1891. It represents 2383 chartered patent attorneys, whether they practise in industry or in private practice. Total membership is around 4000 and includes trainee patent attorneys and other professionals with an interest in intellectual property matters.


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