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What is Zero Bronze?

Our Zero Bronze subscription is FREE and includes free content around understanding Climate Change and the Net Zero agenda.

Zero Bronze is designed to help you through explaining the Climate issues, exposing you to different viewpoints and by introducing you to other businesses who are starting their own Net Zero journey.

The Bronze subscription includes short webinars, downloadable materials and access to our business advisors. You will also receive updates on national Net Zero guidance and a copy of our newsletter that will include content about Climate Change, Net Zero, the new Green Economy and Wenta services.

By registering for Zero Bronze and accessing these materials, you will be eligible for our Bronze certification. Improve your brand reputation by showing the Zero Bronze badge on your website, outgoing documents, emails and social media content, and demonstrate to your customers and suppliers that you are taking Net Zero seriously and are actively doing something about it.

Why subscribe to Zero Bronze?

Zero Bronze is ideal if you are still learning about Net Zero and what it means for your business.

Our FREE Zero Bronze subscription includes:

  • Access to Wenta's Climate Change and Net Zero webinars to help you learn about what it is and how we can all play a part in reducing our carbon footprint
  • Access to Climate Change and Net Zero materials to boost your confidence on the subjects
  • Downloadable documents and resources - useful and handy for your busy schedule
  • Copy of Wenta's Net Zero Newsletter - packed full of useful insights and information
  • Eligibility for a Bronze Badge for your marketing materials and publicity - demonstrate your engagement!
  • Access to Wenta's Net Zero and Business Advice Team via Live Chat - a friend to turn to when you need any advice and support

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Let's get you started on your Net Zero journey.

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