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How many times have you sat your desk, with the intention of writing an email, an ad, or a sales letter – what about a blog, or your website? And instead, you’ve ended up staring at a blank page, thinking, where do I start? Maybe you have thought, ‘do I even need a blog? Am I wasting time and money with AdWords? Is there a cheaper way to market my services?’ Well, there might be…

If you’re pulling your hair out staring at a blank page or banging your head against the keyboard… get in touch. It’s free to have a conversation. Plus, whilst in partnership with Wenta, Jammy Copy is offering a free 90-minute copy consultation, strategy session and up to a 20% discount on services which include:

• Website review & rewrite (web copy)
• Blog & content writing
• Sales Letters
• Newsletters
• eBooks & lead magnets
• Direct mail
• Email Marketing

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