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Branding, what's it all about?

Do you have a life skill that you’re currently only using in your free time? Though you may assume it’s only suitable as a hobby, there’s a chance you can monetize it and turn your talent into a money-making business venture. That’s if you know what you’re doing, of course.

Branding is an important part of any business. A company’s brand represents how the company is perceived by its audiences and influences what people think a company stands for. Whether you are a premium brand selling high-end products or a company selling products at a very low price with high volumes, your brand should create the right impact.

Two brands you may be aware of:

When you see the colour purple on a tv advert what do you think of? Cadbury

Think the Gorilla playing the drums

When you see red trucks driving down the snowy road what do you think of? Coca-Cola

Think the most recognisable Christmas Ad ever made. (In my opinion)

Brand is something that takes time to build up but do it correctly and it can have an extremely positive impact on your reputation and all importantly your sales.

Use these 7 points to help build your brand

  • Create the right strapline

What is it that defines your company to the customer? Do you represent quality, knowledge, the best in your field? for example. Build a tag line about what you do. Wenta’s is ‘inspiring enterprise’

  • Don’t stick with the status quo

How are you going to stand out? What’s different about you to your competitors

  • Develop a culture around your business

And when that’s developed consider it in everything you do. If you get to the stage of hiring people ensure you hire with this culture in mind. It only takes one employee to sabotage your brand!

  • Take your time

Building a brand and a reputation doesn’t happen overnight ensure you have the ideas in place and stick with them until they become synonymous with you and your brand.

  • Be consistent

Consistency is king. As mentioned earlier, Cadbury’s always have the colour purple in their campaigns. Sticking with the chocolate theme Kinder is always white and orange. Consistency enables marketing elements to be linked to your brand. No matter when or where marketing content is seen it can be related back to you, your logo and your offering.

  • Get help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from branding experts, they can help position your brand through their knowledge.

  • Put your customers first

The classic line that everyone’s heard……but it still applies today. Your company’s brand and reputation rely on happy customers. Word of mouth marketing is powerful and if people are having negative experiences with your brand then that will stick and will turn out to be an extremely difficult reputation to shake off. Think Alpha Romeo and their reliability issues!

By starting with these 7 steps in brand building you will be on the right track to building something with a fantastic reputation that looks great and represents what you and your company do! But remember when you settle on a message consistency is key! Nike will always be Nike…..’Just do it!’


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