Michael Niles

Education Trainer


Michael joined Wenta in June 2010 prior to which he spent the last 12 years as a manager representing large organisations such as the Merchants Group, Unilever and Barclaycard.

As a customer service specialist, he has developed recruitment strategies and bespoke training in this fast moving industry. 

Being an experienced coach and trainer he has written and delivered training for subjects such as creativity, coaching, interview skills, performance management and business writing.


Here at Wenta Michael delivers training through the Barclays Let’s Talk seminars and Wenta’s business training courses.  He also works with schools through our Beacon programs and businesses with his involvement with the Step graduate placement program. Michael is running a project within Bedford Borough to help 16 to 19 year old NEETs (Not in Education Employment or Training) to explore self employment as a way to move into work.


Michael enjoys acting and singing, Michael has been having classical singing lessons since the tender age of 8 and is a member of Bedford Fencing Club (swords not wooden panels) and is a qualified coach. However most of his time is spent with his family, chasing around after his 2 children.