The Mentor Scheme

Wenta's Mentoring programme, in association with the Business Finance Taskforce, supports existing businesses across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire by carefully matching a fully trained business mentor with those businesses seeking advice and guidance.  Businesses receive up to 6 months of free support from an experienced mentor.

What to expect from your mentor

Your mentor will offer you the following:

Wenta will match you and your business to a suitable mentor who has extensive business experience and is knowledgeable in a relevant business area. 

  • An outside perspective on you and your business
  • Confidential consultations about the business
  • Unbiased and friendly advice
  • Honest and constructive feedback with business ideas 
  • Assistance with decision making 
  • Contacts and networks to further your personal and business development 
  • Ongoing encouragement and support for your business

There are certain areas that your mentor will not be able to assist you with for example:

  • This programme is not a counselling service
  • Your mentor is not there to provide any training services
  • You will not receive specific or technical business advice that an expert adviser would normally provide
  • The programme is not a coaching service (relating to specific business related tasks, goals and objectives)
  • Your mentor will not take any responsibility for the success of your business

If you are interested in The Mentoring Scheme please email us on: or call us 0845 371 0891.