Consultancy Services

In addition to our advisory services we are also able to offer one-off bespoke consultancy services in a number of areas including:

Property Services Consultancy

With over 30 years of experience in property management, Wenta have been involved in the creation of a number of Enterprise Centres and Managed Workspace facilities.  Property consultancy projects have included:

  • Consulting in the planning & design stages of a new build
  • Considering the different potential uses/services offered by centres and the impact this may have on design and costs
  • Ensuring unit design meets the needs of tenants, including items such as access, services offered and IT/telephony solutions
  • Advising on the commercial viability of designs based around the potential for income and the likely operational costs
  • Liaising with property agents about how to get the most from a new Innovation/Enterprise Centre

Social Enterprise Consulting

As a well established social enterprise Wenta understands what is required to create a sustainable social enterprise and how to balance the need to generate income whilst retaining a social purpose. Support for social enterprises and the voluntary sector have included:

  • Consulting on the setting up of workspace and conference facilities for social enterprise use
  • Advising Housing Associations on how they may encourage tenants to consider starting a social enterprise as a means to employment and the facilities they may provide to facilitate this
  • Producing a guide on setting up a social enterprise for local CVS’s

Educational Consulting

In addition to delivering our standard programmes detailed within our Education section our Advisors can also offer tailored support to teachers, lecturers, education advisors and local authorities. Consultancy services to the education sector has included:

  • Project managing the set-up of a Youth Environment Forum for a local authority
  • Providing advice to schools on how they can use Eco-clubs to achieve various curriculum focused outcomes 
  • Reporting on enterprise in education and business activities in schools on a local and regional level
  • Preparation of bespoke materials to develop enterprise skills whilst meeting curriculum requirements 
  • Facilitating young people in planning, organising and delivering various events whilst supported by business mentors

These are examples of recent support and the list is far from exhaustive. 

If you have a project that you need assistance with please contact Peter Cabon.