A customer’s journey in The Enterprise Centre, Potters Bar

by Ellie Bradley, Centre Manager at The Enterprise Centre in Potters Bar 
My role at Wenta

As Centre Manager, my job is to manage the relationship between our office, workshop, incubator and meeting room clients. I welcome clients into the building, deal with any needs they have whilst they’re here and show prospective clients around the centre.

A big part of my role is getting to know those based in our offices, workshops and business incubation space. Indeed, one of the highlights of the role is being able to interact with our clients every day: developing personal relationships that often develop into friendships.

Over time, we have built a community within our business hub at Potters Bar. We have managed to create a friendly, personable atmosphere around the centre which is exactly what sets Wenta apart.

This homely feeling is something that I emphasise when talking to prospective clients who are considering moving in. We are more than a business hub; we are an enterprising community of like-minded small businesses. It’s that friendly and supportive atmosphere which makes Wenta unique.

In the past, our clients have described us as their friends, their ‘support network’ and even their ‘comfort blanket’! It’s these types of relationships that make this centre stand out.

Here is a recent customer story that I am proud to share, it’s about a client called Jordan and his business: Clear Accountancy Solutions.


A story that makes me proud

I wanted to share this story as it demonstrates the journey that our customers can take within our business hubs.

Jordan joined The Enterprise Centre in April 2012 as a virtual office client, taking advantage of our virtual mailbox services which are designed to help clients project a professional image for their business.

At this point, Jordan and his business partner were working from home, out of the garage underneath Jordan’s house.

A year passed and the business started to grow. In fact, the business grew to an extent that Jordan decided to move into his own office in The Enterprise Centre, Potters Bar. They moved into a small, two-person office, motivated by being based in a professional environment with other small businesses around them.

From there, the business grew exponentially and they upgraded office space three times in three years as their staff numbers grew from two to twenty-one full-time employees!

Jordan attributes this extraordinary growth to being brave in the face of tough decisions and cultivating a ‘go for it attitude’ within his workforce. He told me:

“Have an office here meant we could be brave. We knew that due to the flexibility of the office space at Wenta we could make big decisions, and if things went wrong we could downgrade our office space at any time.

“Being a part of the Wenta community helped our business grow as we took advantage of the skills and expertise of the other small businesses based at the Potters Bar hub.

“In addition to that, having free parking meant we could recruit great staff and having professional meeting rooms for hire let us conduct all of our staff training in-house.”

Wenta’s offer of flexible office space on monthly contracts with no long-term ties meant that Jordan could expand, downsize or even leave within one month’s notice. This flexibility allowed him to rapidly grow his start-up with confidence.

Having Jordan and Clear Accountancy Solutions within the centre has been an inspiration for other clients as well as myself. It has been an absolute pleasure watching them grow and expand and assist in their development.

Now Jordan has grown to such an extent that we are no longer able to accommodate his business’ needs. He is moving into new premises where he will be hiring a much bigger office with more staff on their way. This is a great example of the Wenta customer journey, from start-up support through to assistance with business growth. We are proud to have been a part of his journey and, on behalf of the Wenta community, wish Jordan all the best for the future.

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