6 Reasons Why Business Networking Could be Right for Your Business

by Liza Armstrong, Business Advisor at Wenta 
The next time you get invited to a business networking event and you start to fill with dread, think again.

Business networking is all about making connections and cultivating relationships. When you think about it like that, it doesn’t sound bad at all. Here are 6 reasons why it could help you to achieve your business goals.

1. It raises your profile 

You might be a social butterfly who spends your time making everyone feel welcome and included at every event that you attend. But if this isn’t you, it is easy to get noticed in other ways.

Networking events often rely on guest speakers. So why not approach the event organiser and offer to speak at their event? This way you can address the entire group all at once and position yourself as an authority on your subject.

2. It provides you with informal advice 

Running your business from home or by yourself can feel lonely at times. Attending networking events is an opportunity for socialising as well as making friends. Meeting like-minded people and being able to learn from their experiences can be invaluable.

Getting tips and advice from people who have been through the same growing pains, can help you to overcome problems in your own business. Over time you will find that many of your networking contacts also become firm friends.

3. It facilitates introductions

It is important to remember that everyone is a potential business contact. You may not see the ‘fit’ between you and that person right now but you may find it later on. John Guares ‘Six Degrees of Separation suggests that any two people are connected by way of introductions in just six steps. Everyone that you meet could be a useful contact for you and your business. 

4. It can speed up your sales pipeline

Let’s be clear – networking is not about selling, but you are putting yourself on display. And as we all know, ‘people buy from people’.

Wouldn't it be good to be able to tell people about your business face to face? Instead of going through months of email and telephone ‘ping-pong’ to get a sales meeting? You can build rapport and develop trust when you spend time with people face-to-face

5. It's a great way to source new suppliers 

As you grow your business you will need to expand your list of suppliers.

Attending a networking event is cheaper and less time consuming than visiting a tradeshow. Other business owners might be happy to endorse the supplier if they have used them too. This cuts out a great deal of time spent researching and fending off calls from people who acquired your business card at a trade show.

6. It offers opportunities for collaboration 

As a small business, you may not be able to offer as full a service as a bigger company.

Joining forces with a business that compliments your service allows you to bid for bigger contracts. It can also open up your business to new markets. A copywriter might join forces with a web designer for example and an architect with a builder. Joining forces in such a way bring about economies of scale for your business.

So, next time you get invited to a business networking opportunity, don’t be so quick to make excuses why cannot attend. Instead, consider the six reasons above and give it a go with a fresh new perspective. You might just surprise yourself.

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